September 30, 2014

Kickstarter: Basius 2 and More Root Dice

I was looking through Kickstarter recently and came across a couple new projects I thought folks in the miniatures hobby might be interested in.

September 29, 2014

Finally... Shelves!

Seriously... FINALLY! I went and got an inexpensive plastic shelving unit. Remember my post showing my hobby room with piles of stuff everywhere? If not, go refresh your memory.

September 28, 2014

WIP: Imperial Knight Gerantius Early Phase

Having finished Amaranthine a little while ago, my next project is Gerantius. While I haven't gotten too far on him, I figured I'd show what I was doing base wise with him.

September 26, 2014

Forge World: Knight Acheron Rules Posted

The Cerastus Knight Acheron is the latest offering from Forge World. The unit is up for sale now (£170 like the other Cerastus pattern Knights) and it's rules are posted as well. (link takes you straight to the PDF) Is this the mastiest of the FW Knights?

September 25, 2014

Spartan Games: A New Boxed Set and A New Game

Spartan Games has some more goodies for us. A new 2-player starter set and a whole new game system.

Miniature Market Sale: Last Day

I just found out about this and thought I would pass it along. Miniature Market is having a clearance sale that ends today. They are offering 5, 10, and 15x reward points on different items. Even on some GW stuff. If you're like me and order from them a lot, this would be a good way to stockpile those reward points. I just wish it wasn't ending a day before pay day! If you want to see the GW stuff offered, you will have to download their Excel spreadsheet that lists everything. The link is in the small rotating ad on the left side of the screen. They're a great company and I cannot recommend them enough.

September 24, 2014

My DIY Space Marine Chapter Idea

Artwork by The Chamba on Deviant Art
I'm digging back to my childhood on this one. If you don't recognize the characters in the artwork, it's The Silver Hawks. An 80's cartoon about high tech intergalactic police fighting against organized crime. So here's what I plan to do with them as Space Marines.

YouTube Video Tutorial: Painting Chibi Eyes

In Honor of Arcadia Quest shipping soon, I found this video on a basic technique for painting Chibi eyes and thought I would share it. I know I need it.

September 23, 2014

Dreadball Xtreme: Additional Giant and Other Extras Unlocked Post-Kickstarter

This lovely critter is called the Kravastor. It's an additional Giant that was unlocked from additional funds received post-Kickstarter campaign for Dreadball Xtreme if you have it at Rampage level or Higher.

Additionally, they have unlocked prone figures for all 12 teams being released for Xtreme, all the way to season 6, and are including components to convert figures to Keepers.

Also, this is the current version of artwork for the pitch in Xtreme that is currently with play testers.

Kickstarter: Wizard's Gambit Dice

There is currently a Kickstarter for a set of dice called The Wizard's Gambit. It ends this Friday (9/26/14). I backed it as i thought these looked great for using as magic dice in my games of Warhammer Fantasy. $14 gets you a set of 6 D6 or $15 gets a full polyhedral set. There are many other levels for the campaign offering multiple sets as well as some prototype sets the creator is working on (I think the Bloodspatter set looks awesome!).

So check it out. It's already funded so no chance of it failing.

Ninja Division: Ninja All-Stars and Karate Fight! Announced

In a press release, Ninja Division indicated they would be releasing two new games. Ninja All Stars is slated for a late 2015 release in conjunction with Cipher Studios (makers of Anima Tactics and Helldorado). Still being so far off I wouldn't be surprised to see a Kickstarter for it in the future, but we'll have to wait and see. It says it will "will feature fully assembled, high quality miniatures, and an exciting community driving [sic] style of gameplay, building up your team of elite ninja, and competing for honor and glory against rival clans." From the picture, the minis will be in the chibi style we've seen from such products as Super Dungeon Explore, etc.

The second game is Karate Fight! which is a card based game (no minis) in the same fictional Takoashi University universe as their previous card game Tentacle Bento, a game that was in its second printing but, even so, still shows out of stock (I have a copy fortunately). Karate Fight! is described as "a fast playing game of wits and reflexes. Battle your schoolmates in this 2 – 4 player afterschool rumble featuring the lovely students of Takoashi University." It is slated for a Fall 2014 release.

This press release was originally from August 22nd, but I thought I would point it out in case folks hadn't been watching for news from Ninja Division.

September 22, 2014

Relic Knights: Elite Dashboards on Pre-Order

Ninja Division has announced that they are taking pre-orders for Elite Dashboards for their game Relic Knights. These are high quality cloth, rubber backed playmats for placing your cards. From the sound of it, they sound like large mouse pads. They are available for each faction. More information on their website.

Unboxing: Space Hulk

In the future, there is only claustrophobia
I picked up my pre-ordered copy of the 2014 re-release of Space Hulk. I have never played it before but I have a lot of friends who have and they all have fond memories of it and say it's a great game and they wished they had never gotten rid of it. So, when GW offered a limited release of it, I jumped on the chance to pre-order it. In addition, the pre-order from GW came with a free art print of the cover art which was nice. Something to hang in the hobby room. Anyway, on to the unboxing!

September 19, 2014

Forge World: Rules for Questoris Knight Magaera Posted

Hot on the heels of the Knight Castigator rules, Forge World has posted the rules for the Knight Magaera. The model is also up for sale for 110 pounds. This is a Mechanicum Knight that works off the standard GW Imperial Knight chassis, so the kit includes the main chassis from the GW model with the resin parts to make it a Magaera.

September 18, 2014

My First Imperial Knight Complete: Amaranthine

Ready for battle!
Ever since my surgery I hadn't been able to really paint because I couldn't stand sitting for any length of time. I have managed to make it through recovery and decided to finally tackle painting the partially constructed Knight on my table. So here it is above, the completed Amaranthine.

September 17, 2014

Knight Castigator Rules are Posted!

The rules for the Cerastus Knight Castigator have finally been posted by Forge World. So get you a copy! The link will take you directly to the PDF.

380 points. It has Flank Speed like the Lancer. It's Ion Shield is like a regular Knight shield. Standard stat array. It's gun is a Twin-Linked Castigator Bolt Cannon, Heavy 8, S7 AP3, 36". So that gives you a decent chance of firing at flyers in an all Knight army. It's sword is S10 AP2, not D. However it has a couple neat abilities: 1) Deflagrate which basically means for every unsaved wound on a regular attack it causes an additional automatic wound on the same unit. 2) Tempest Attack is a special (i.e. Deflagrate doesn't count) attack that happens at I2 and auto hits every enemy in B2B with the Knight. 3) Sunder, so you get to re-roll armor penetration.

All in all, pretty nice rules. I want to get me one.