April 25, 2013

First Minis In Over a Decade

Primed my first minis recently. It's a handful of Reaper minis and Hordes mini I originally bought to use as a D&D mini. I decided to start with these to get back into painting and get comfortable again before tackling my various armies.

Citadel Paint Hex Codes

In using the Palettes app, I needed hex codes to put the Citadel paint range into it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the hex codes for the new paint range. So I got them myself. I used the Palettes app's picture function to do it. I downloaded the images of the paint off the GW website and sampled the pixels of the color splash on the image. As a result, it may not be perfect, but it's close enough to be able to use them if you need to find an approximate match. They're broken into their various ranges (base, layer, dry, etc) but don't include metals, glazes or shades.

Name Color Hex
Ceramite White FFFFFF
Averland Sunset FCB825
Jokaero Orange EE3823
Mephiston Red 991115
Khorne Red 6A0002
Naggaroth Night 3E3355
Daemonette Hide 696685
Kantor Blue 002051
Macragge Blue 0D407F
Caledor Sky 396F9E
Stegadon Scale Green 074864
Incubi Darkness 0B4849
Caliban Green 00401E
Waaagh! Flesh 20552B
Castellan Green 304921
Death World Forest 5D6732
Zandri Dust 9E915C
Steel Legion Drab 5F5134
Bugman's Glow 845045
Ratskin Flesh AE6B4E
Mournfang Brown 650A09
XV-88 72481E
Rhinox Hide 493335
Dryad Bark 34312C
Mechanicus Standard Grey 3D4B4E
Celestra Grey 90A8A8
Abaddon Black 231F20
Rakarth Flesh A29E92
The Fang 436276
Screamer Pink 7C1645

Name Color Hex
White Scar FFFFFF
Yriel Yellow FFDB01
Flash Gitz Yellow FEF200
Troll Slayer Orange F46C2E
Fire Dragon Bright F58651
Evil Suns Scarlet C21920
Wild Rider Red EB2E28
Wazdakka Red 8C0A0C
Squig Orange A94F44
Xereus Purple 471F5E
Genestealer Purple 7761AA
Warpfiend Grey 6C6A75
Slaanesh Grey 8E8C97
Alaitoc Blue 295788
Hoeth Blue 4C7FB4
Altdorf Guard Blue 1F56A8
Calgar Blue 4273B8
Teclis Blue 317FC1
Lothern Blue 33A2CF
Sotek Green 0C6A74
Temple Guard Blue 329B8D
Kabalite Green 028D66
Sybarite Green 30A66C
Warpstone Glow 1E7332
Moot Green 52B246
Warboss Green 3E7F5D
Skarsnik Green 5F936F
Loren Forest 51702D
Straken Green 628026
Nurgling Green 849B63
Elysian Green 758E3A
Ogryn Camo 9EA94B
Ushtabi Bone BCBC80
Screaming Skull D4D3A3
Tallarn Sand A67610
Karak Stone BB9662
Cadian Fleshtone C87958
Kislev Flesh D6A876
Bestigor Flesh D28B57
Ungor Flesh D7A767
Skrag Brown 904A0F
Deathclaw Brown B36853
Tau Light Ochre BF6E1D
Balor Brown 8B5910
Zamesi Desert DCA026
Doombull Brown 5D000A
Tuskgor Fur 883736
Gorthor Brown 654641
Baneblade Brown 927F6E
Dawnstone 70756E
Administratum Grey 949B94
Eshin Grey 4A4F53
Dark Reaper 3C5051
Thunderhawk Blue 417175
Skavenblight Dinge 48413B
Stormvermin Fur 736C66
Ulthuan Grey C7E0DA
Pallid Wych Flesh CDCEBE
Russ Grey 547588
Fenrisian Grey 709CB7
Pink Horror 91305D
Emporer's Children B94278

Name Color Hex
Praxeti White FFFFFF
Hexos Palesun FEF200
Kindleflame F69E86
Lucius Lilac B69FCB
Etherium Blue A1B9D1
Skink Blue 59C1CE
Hellion Green 83C3A9
Underhive Ash BFBD80
Eldar Flesh EDC184
Tyrant Skull CEC687
Terminatus Stone C7BBD3
Longbeard Grey DFDEC9
Chnageling Pink F4AFCE

Name Color Hex
Gauss Blaster Green 84C2A9
Baharroth Blue 59C1CE
Dorn Yellow FFF683
Fulgrim Pink F4AFCC
Flayed One Flesh CDC586
Krieg Khaki BFBD82
Blue Horror A2BAD2
Lugganath Orange F89E86

April 22, 2013

Blood and Power Weapons

Found a couple links with worthwhile tutorials on doing blood and power weapons. In the blood tutorial, they use a glue called UHU to make the blood thick. I did some digging and found it on Amazon. I definitly think there's some things I could use these techniques on.

April 21, 2013

Handy App: Pallettes

So I found this nice little iPad app called Palettes. I'm always afraid of forgetting what colors I am using in a paint scheme for an army, so this lets me create color palettes to remember them. It has other handy features too like pulling all colors from a web address or importing a picture and choosing a color from a specific pixel. I input all the colors from the Citadel paint line into the app so i can then compare to find the closest color. I did this recently with a Tartan swatch (MacKenzie if you must know) since the Trollbloods wear Tartans. In a future post I will put down the hex codes for the Citadel colors.

The only thing the app is lacking is the ability to put a custom name to a color. The author of the app says that it's on his to do list for future updates, so I hope it comes soon.

What to start with...

I have so many minis right now, I am unsure what to start with. It's actually a little intimidating, after being "out of the game" for so long, to get back into painting minis. In the lead up to this new chapter in my tabletop life, I have amassed quite a few minis from different game systems. More Necrons to add to my 40K army from years ago, an army of Trollbloods from Hordes, minis from Malifaux, and not to mention the countless Reaper minis that I have sitting in bags that I never got around to doing anything with.

I'm thinking of starting with some Reaper minis just to get the hang of things before I tackle my armies which I want to look good on the table. After all, every gamer knows that a painted army performs better on the table!