December 28, 2013

Battle Report - 3000 pts Dark Elves vs. Tomb Kings

Finally got to play a game with my Dark Elves using the new book, and it was a big'un. 3000 points. I played Mike, who runs the local Games Workshop store. I had a Monster Mash list I have wanted to try out.

December 11, 2013

December Painting Vows

The Under Empire forum does a "competition" of sorts. Well, not really a competition unless you're counting it as a competition with yourself. You make a vow of what your painting goals for the month are, and you earn points by achieving them. Now those points just translate into a ranking system on the forum with a banner to add to your signature, but it's a nice thing to really get one to think about and concentrate on painting and modelling.

So here's my vows for this month. It's the last month of the Escalation league at the GW store, so I want to try to get as much done as possible for the Painting competition at the end. I probably won't win it, but I think I could make a good showing.

Here's a pic of what I have going on so far this month:
And many, many... MANY more to go. SO if you're curious, here's my to do list for December.

  • 1 Plague Furnace - complete!
  • 14 Stormvermin - 10/14 complete
    30 Plague Monks - complete!
  • 6 Slaves (6 V.V.P.s) -
  • 10 DE Warlocks - 5/10 complete

  • 30 Stormvermin - 16/30 complete
  • 40 Clanrats - 13/40 complete
  • 10 Slaves -
  • 30 Plague Monks -
  • 1 Plague Furnace -
  • 2 WLC (1 old 1 new) -
  • BSB  -
  • Warlord -
  • Plague Priest -
  • Rating Gun -
  • Queek -

  • 30 Stormvermin -
  • 40 Clanrats -
  • 10 Slaves -
  • 30 Plague Monks -
  • 1 WLC -
  • 1 Plague Furnace -
  • Warlock -
  • BSB -
  • Warlord -
  • Plague Priest -
  • Ratling Gun -
  • Queek -
So yeah, I got my work cut out for me. Trying to keep up a pace of 5 minis a day, minimum. If I can do that, I should be able to get it all done.

December 8, 2013

Painting FYI - Nihilak Oxide

Something I found out about the new Nihilak Oxide that I would pass along: It dries really fast. Faster than you would expect seeing as how watery it is. I had 5 Stormvermin with a little bronze on their pauldrons and I loaded a brush with the Oxide and painted it on. I did each one expecting to go back and wipe it off after they were all complete. No such luck, it had dried and not much wiped off.

Now, this wasn't a lot of area that was covered so it didn't take that long to paint up each of the models. I was surprised at how quick it set. So keep that in mind when you are using it. Definitely do it one model at a time. And if you have a lot of surface area being treated, do it in batches.

December 6, 2013

Loot Call! - Custom Dice

A second mail delivery of loot in a row! How awesome is that? Today, it's custom dice.

December 3, 2013

GW Digital Advent Calendar

By now, everyone should know that GW Digital is doing an advent calendar with a new download everyday until Christmas. Released so far: 1) rules for Be'lakor in both 40K and Fantasy, 2) Tau Firebase Support Cadre formation rules (the recently released box set, which means we're likely to see the other box sets as formations as we'll), and today we get 3) Tactica: XV-104 Riptide. 

I'm sure everyone has a wish list of what they hope to see released. My biggest wish would be to get a set of rules for Ska, Queek's lieutenant. I would be beyond giddy. However... I have a sinking feeling that we'll precious little for Fantasy in these releases. What's on your wish list?

November 28, 2013

Escalation League Battle Report: 1250 pts. vs. Dwarfs

 Had another League game today against Dwarfs. Need to try to get one last game in after this before the end of the month. We bump up to 2000 pts. in December. Anyway, we played a standard Battle Line game.

My list:

November 23, 2013

New GW Technical Paints

Well, they're not Technical paints like the originally named Technical paints were (which were limited to liquid green stuff, a gloss coat, a matte coat, and a primer). But they don't fit neatly into the other categories. So, by now you've probably heard about these, but just for the sake of completeness, I'll give a quick run down on them. I will also link to the very well done GW videos on YouTube that show how to use the new paints.

November 14, 2013

The Thing About Terror...

is that it's good to know the rules about it!

So during my last game, a conversation about Terror came up, and I learned that you do not need to pass a Ld test to charge a Terror causing unit. If you had read my Battle report against Empire, my slaves didn't charge the Empire General's unit due to Terror. Turns out my opponent and I were both mixing editions.

I played a lot in 6th edition, and back then you had to make a Ld test to charge a unit that caused Terror. Or Fear too, if I remember correctly. No such thing in 8th edition Warhammer! So in other words... I very likely could have won that game had my Slaves gotten that back charge. I would have been up 6-1 in combat resolution to start! Even if I didn't kill anything, the Warrior Priest general couldn't make enough attacks to make that up, and it would be unlikely that his troops would have made that up either, and odds are I would get at least a couple kills with over 20 attacks coming at him.

So the PSA for today: Make sure you reference your rules early and often! Knowing is half the battle.

November 10, 2013

Escalation League Battle Report: 1250 pts. vs. Vampire Counts

First game of the November round. I was supposed to play Dwarfs, but unfortunately that game fell through, so instead I played Jose who was playing Vampire Counts. He's very new to Warhammer, just starting with this League. With the start of November our point totals have bumped up to 1250. Here's my List:

November 7, 2013

FYI: Miniature Market

 Ok, it may seem odd that I'm essentially advertising a website, but I love this site. The site is called Miniature Market. It's a store down in St Louis, MO. Y9ou may be wondering why I love them so much: The Deal of the Day. Every day they offer something at a steep discount. Like today, I just ordered the Bioshock Infinite board game. Got it for $35 when it's normally $84.99. The trick is... you HAVE TO CHECK EVERY DAY! It never fails that when I don't check I miss something I really want. Like yesterday... they had Prime Axiom, the Warmachine Convergence of Cyriss colossal, on sale for $75. By the time I saw it mid afternoon it was sold out. I have previously gotten other great deals off the site. I picked up Dreadfleet for $35, normally over $100. And Battue: Storm of the Horselords and its expansion for $10, normally over $80 for the pair. They come highly recommended by me (if that means anything :P ). I had to deal with their customer service once when an order was missing something and they were very easy to deal with and corrected ASAP. Great guys to deal with.

November 6, 2013

My 2013 Army in a Weekend: Minotaurs Chapter Space Marines

Some of you may be wondering what I mean by Army in a Weekend. A local game store named Art of War, every year, does an event called Army in a Weekend. You order an army -- has to be a complete army -- from any system. You get 25% off and have to pay it off by the end of November. Then they make a bulk order and you can pick up the order mid December. They stay open for the entire weekend, the idea being everyone hangs out at the store and builds then paints their army. 24 hours a day from Friday to Sunday.

Unfortunately, I do not have the pull with my wife to be able to hang there and do that. If I was single I would! Anyway, so I chose to do Space Marines for this year. (Last year I did Trollbloods from Hordes) So I ordered the Strikeforce box set, 2 Rhinos, a box of Assault Terminators, and a Devestator Squad box. If my finances allow it I will add a second Devastator Squad box and a Tac Squad box to even those two out to 10 models. Then I just have to go to Forgeworld and buy the Minotaurs chapter upgrade pack along with Asterion Moloch... because unfortunately, you don't get the Preferred Enemy: Space Marines without him in your army. On top of that, with the forthcoming Codex: Inquisition, it looks like it will be fun.

November 5, 2013

First try at painting the Kharibdyss

So I decided to paint the main neck on the K-beast as a proof of concept. (see my previous post for the inspiration for the color scheme) So here's my attempt on the scales:

What I did was: Khorne Red base, followed by Wild Rider Red on the scales, Fuegan Orange shade, then a "wetbrush" of Troll Slayer Orange, followed by a drybrush of Kindleflame, and finally a glaze of Bloodletter. I think it turned out pretty well. I haven't worked on the black yet, but I think I'm going to keep this color scheme on the rest of the scales.

October 23, 2013

Kharybdiss Inspiration

So, as I posted before, I got my Kharybdiss model built. I've been searching for inspiration for the color scheme. Most of what I find for images of sea monsters is greys and greens. Not very inspiring. I did find this image however:
I like the black underbelly and the orange scaly top. I think I'm going to go for this color scheme. What do you think?

October 13, 2013

Escalation League Battle Report: 750 pts. vs. Empire

Today I played a League game vs. Empire. Here's the List break down, and remember this is still under the restriction of only core + 1 hero.

Skaven Forces
1 Warlock Engineer, lvl 2 (Warp Lightning and Crack's Call), Warp Energy Condenser, Ironcurse Icon, Dragonbane Gem
20 Stormvermin w/FC and Storm Banner + Warp Fire Thrower
30 Clanrats w/FC, Spears and shields + Poison Wind Mortar
30 Slaves w/ musician and shields
5 Giant Rats w/Packmaster

October 10, 2013

New Dark Elf Goodies!

Finally got some of my new Dark Elf goodies put together. Here's the pics.

New Kharibdyss model

Cauldron of Blood

Bloodwrack Medusa

Crone Hellebron
I have to say, if the new plastic Witch Elves are anything like the ones in the Cauldron of Blood kit, they are going to be annoying. Attacking the head was such a pain on them. The parts are keyed, but the keys are rather shallow and so the part doesn't fit snug into place. There's a lot of wiggle room, so you have to constantly fiddle with it to get it just right. And just when you think it's right... it falls off. Very frustrating.

October 6, 2013

Oh nice...

So I just noticed an email regarding my Dark Elves pre-order items in my email from Games Workshop. It was being sent via FedEx. I wasn't able to get there today on release day to get the stuff, so I pulled up the tracking info to bond with my stuff I would be pickign up tomorrow. Imagine my surprise to see the big red DELIVERY EXCEPTION warning! So apparently FedEx tried to deliver the stuff at 7:33 in the freaking morning! Of course the place wasn't open yet! And of course the stupid FedEx driver can't look at the sign with the hours of business and deliver it back when they fracking open? Of course not. Nice FedEx. Real nice.

October 5, 2013

Escalation League First Game - Skaven vs. Tomb Kings, Victory!

Had my first game in the Escalation League vs. Tomb Kings and finally got to write a Battle Report for it. To recap: 750 point lists, all core with 1 Hero level character allowed. I forgot to bring something to write on, so this is from memory.

October 3, 2013

Another unit... sort of done. And matte spray woes

So I got my Clanrat unit ready for an upcoming game this Friday. I got to league standard... which is 3 color. Sort of like the old tournament standard for "painted." Primed, armor color and then fur color. I'm going to have to be satisfied with that for now since I want to try to get the final giant rats (x4) and Stormvermin (x20) primed and 3 colored before tomorrow so I can get that extra point for a "painted" army. More pics forthcoming.

I had a few fully base coated and went out to matte spray them yesterday. I thought it wasn't that humid outside, but apparently the paint thought differently... it's got that lovely haze to it now. Fortunately it's not horrible. I've had them come out worse. It's still annoying...

September 29, 2013

New Dark Elves

Finally, up for pre-order. I'm excited, but... Ouch! $60 for 10 Witch Elves?! I love my Witch Elves, but I may have to work on recasting the old metal ones instead. That's just too much. Even 3rd party versions are expensive. The Vestals from Raging Heroes are $53.50 for 10. Getting them from reseller giving 20% is an option. $48 isn't awesome, but it's better than $60!!

This is going to take some serious consideration.

September 25, 2013

First Skaven Unit Complete!

Finally got my first unit of Skaven completed. This is a 30 strong unit of slaves.

Dark Elves!!!

There's already a bazillion blogs posting the various rumors about Dark Elves, so I won't repeat them. However, it is confirmed that Dark Elves are getting released next month with a 2nd wave of new plastics to come the following month. And I couldn't be more excited!!

I am doing Skaven right now, but DE are my first love in Warhammer. Preordering will be this Saturday, and I cannot wait!

September 6, 2013

League Update: Rules are set

So, after designing, and redesigning and re-redesigning my 750 pt army list for the start of the league, we finally got the rules set in stone. First leg is core only and one character. :\ Okay, well, that makes the list building easier. So, some Slaves, some Clanrats, some Stormvermin, a pack of Giant Rats, and of course weapon teams. I'm hoping to get a practice game in to see how the list works before it starts for real (Sept. 18). We'll see.

August 28, 2013

The Skaven Horde!!

Forgot this in my last post. It didn't take me long to build up my Skaven Horde. This was the last photo taken of the assembly build up. At last count I had about 3500 points of Skaven without any magic items. Although I could only field about 3000 or under since a good chunk of that is tied up in Heroes and Lords.

This isn't even all of it. It grew from this point having about 2 units each of slaves and clanrats. A unit of Plague Monks. More weapon teams and Engineers. Just ignore the Necron Sentry Pylon and the Cyriss Clockwork Angels. :)

Escalation League Update and First Painted Skaven

So we finally hashed out the details of the Escalation League. We're starting at 750 points for the late Sept./Oct start. Increases to 1250 in November, and finally 2000 in December. We have to play 3 games a month with one floating game for a total of 10 games. (I can just hear my wife complaining already) We get 3 points for a win, 1 point for playing. There will be painting point as well, but that hasn't been completely determined yet. Something akin to: you get the points for showing up with the army of the current value fully painted. It's a one time bonus point for the month. So you can get it again the next month when the points value increases. The league ended up with 25 people signed up. Only armies not represented (IIRC) are Dark Elves and Beastmen. There may have been one other.

I also got my first Skaven mini base coated. Mostly because when I bought it it was already assembled and primed. It's a Warpfire Thrower. It still needs to be Quick Shaded, but I may wait on that because I need to put some more liquid greenstuff in a seam to fill it in, otherwise the Quick Shade will settle there and that would look bad. Also because I have nothing else primed yet. Still trying to figure out where to spray. I'm thinking int he down stairs bathroom attached to the room I do my mini stuff in. I can utilize the exhaust fan. I bought a spray mask as well so spraying indoors won't be too big a deal. Also, these pics were a test of a new Macro lens I got for my phone's camera.

Front rat

Back rat. Tuskgor Fur isn't too far off from the Ratskin Flesh color. :/
Warpfire tinged smoke
I did the Warpstone/fire tinged smoke by painting it white, giving it a coating of Wayfarer Green glaze, then dry brushing Abaddon Black onto it in a downward direction.

Also, I finally have my Warplightning Cannon assembled. The old school one.
Can't wait to unleash this! I need to find another of these on Ebay or something. I don't like the look of the new one that's part of the multi-part kit that can be this or a Plague Claw catapult.

July 30, 2013

Escalation League Build Up: Skaven

As I mentioned in my last post, I am joining an Escalation League at my local Games Worshop store. The deadline for sign up is this weekend, and the rules haven't been hammered out yet. Oh, and I am doing Skaven. So, since my daughter is sick and can't go in to daycare today, I found myself with some time to start putting together models. These are all from my old 6th edition army box I bought when they re-released Skaven for 6th. The models are different than how they model them now (I like the newer incarnation better, but since I already have these). I spent time cleaning up the mold spurs and flash and got them based and put together. Here's what I got so far.

2 Ratling Gun teams

Warlock Engineer

3/12 Storm Vermin

Warplock Jezzail Team. I have one more but have yet to assemble it.

10 Plague Monks
I have other stuff too I have yet to assemble. I have a box of 20 Night Runners which I may see if I can't make them into Gutter Runners. I have a Doomwheel (new plastic version), Warplightning Cannon (metal version), the exclusive Battle Standard Bearer from the box set (partially assembled), a Warlord, another Engineer, a Grey Seer, and I have two boxes of Clanrats. I also have a bunch of stuff from the Island of Blood box set that I split with a friend. So that added a Poison Wind Mortar team, a Warpfire Thrower, yet another Engineer, another Warlord, and about 40 more Clanrats. I also picked up two boxes of Night Goblins to use as Skavenslaves since I will be modelling them as Clan Mors who fight Night Goblins a lot and take them as slaves.

More updates to come. And once the league starts, I plan on posting Battle Reports.

July 26, 2013

WHFB Escalation League

I signed up to do an Escalation League at my local Games Workshop store. For those not familiar with it, an Escalation League is where you start small -- typically around 500-750 points -- then you add on to it by a set amount every month or so. It's a great way to start a new army, so typically that's what you do. So, I will be starting Skaven. I still have my box set from 6th edition so I have plenty of minis to start. I will report on how it goes. The details haven't been hammered out yet.

June 25, 2013

Goodies for my Birthday

So, Origins fell on my birthday this year. Got to go for more than one day for the first time in a long time. It felt good. Additionally, when it came to what I was wanting to spend my money on in the dealers room I was both saddened and ecstatic at the same time.

The sad part was that Privateer Press wasn't there. I was hoping to pick up a bunch of the new Convergence of Cyriss stuff for Warmachine. Alas, they decided not to come to Origins this year. I was actually kind of mad about that since I was looking forward to having a:
moment. Heh. But it's okay, since they didn't want my business by snubbing the one Con I could go to this year, I got a surprise that allowed me to spend those dollars. Forge World crossed the pond and was in attendance in the dealer's room!

So I got my Shut Up and Take My Money moment anyway. :) I had pre-ordered the Imperial Armour 12 book the first day it went up for sale. I devoured it when I finally got it. I was excited to see these new, cool options for my beloved Necrons. So, I spent my money there. And boy did I ever! Forge World stuff, as you may very well know, ain't cheap.
Forge World Goodies
My birthday present to myself
I got three things, in the picture clockwise form the left: the Tesseract Ark, the Night Shroud Bomber, and the Death-Ray Sentry Pylon. All in total: $302. For three things. Yikes! I could have seen quite a few hookers for that. (but I'll get more use out of these, lol... that sounded bad, didn't it?) On the bright side, I didn't have to pay shipping from the UK. So at some point, I will be doing blog posts showing progress assembling these things. It may be a bit as the wife and I are in the process of moving. Same city, but it's going to take some time until I have a place to assemble and paint set back up. For those of you who are wondering, Forge World said they'd be at GenCon this year. So you will have a chance to purchase from their line at the con. Save your pennies though. :)

June 11, 2013

Warmachine: Protectorate of Menoth Crusader

I haven't updated in a while. Been busy with working on the house for an impending move and attempt to sell the old one. I finally managed to eek enough time out to finish off my Protectorate Crusader Warjack. All in all I'm happy with it. I used the Army Painter Quick Shade ink on it, but not all over, just on certain areas. It worked out well. I learned my lesson with the Repenter that got driven into the dirt when I tried to shake the excess Quick Shade dip off. The white went on a little gloppy. I primed another 'Jack in white so I'll see how it goes on that one, but if it still looks gloppy, I may need to find a different brand of paint for my whites. Anyway, here it is in three angles. Painted, matted, and based.

May 8, 2013

Inspiration in Mini Painting + a Couple More Done

So I went digging through all my old minis, pulling them all out of storage. Boxes of them. I started pulling different minis out and getting together a collection of different minis to work on. Sort of like miniature painting ADHD. Can't decide on working on just one thing at the moment. Considering that I easily have over 100 unpainted minis from various games -- Warhammer Fantasy, 40k, Warmachine, Hordes, Malifaux, not to mention various Reaper and Anima Tactics minis -- it's not hard to see that tying oneself to one thing is a bit difficult.

Part of me thinks I'd be best to choose one thing and work on it. For instance, I have a few folks I know that play 40k and have asked me if I want to play. I'd love to! That means I have to get my Necrons together and start painting them. I know I don't NEED to have them painted to play, just assembled. (although a few people can attest to the infamous "invisible" Necrons I played with... just the bases as I hadn't assembled them yet) Plus the local game store (Art of War) is goign to be starting a Fantasy league which I'd love to participate in (though my wife would likely not like me finding yet one more thing to do on the weekends) so I could work on my Dark Elves or that Skaven box set that I haven't done squat with since buying it back during the 6th edition days.

I keep waiting to see if I get inspired to sit down and knuckle down on one project or if I will forever be flitting from one mini to another. Do a Warmachine here, a Hordes there, maybe a couple 40k, etc. Perhaps I should force myself to at least sit down and do a squad rather than individual minis.

What do you think? Do you find insipration guides your painting? Or is it necessity? Or, unlike me, do you only have one army to worry about? Or do you buy a squad and work it until it's done before movign on to the next one? (I tend to buy in bulk)

Anyway, here's a couple more minis I have finished.

A Dark Elf Witch Elf just base coated. I gave her a dip in the Army Painter Soft Quickshade (not pictured). I'm debating if I should have used the Strong Quickshade. The Soft didn't make much of a contrast. I used strong on a mini with more white than this one had (see below) but it made the white look "dirty." But I guess I could have gone back over the white afterwards.  I'm just a lazy painter. :)

 This is a Repenter Warjack from Warmachine. From The Protectorate of Menoth force. A theocratic country. The official color scheme is white with red and gold, but I wanted to do something different. Not totally different. I went with:

 White with purple and gold. And I used Tamiya gunmetal on other metallic parts. I gave this a Strong tone Quickshade dip. I ran into a few snags. If you zoom the picture you can see some of the issues. First off... the mini was too heavy to shake off the excess using the pliers. It kept slipping out of the grip. (this is an old mini, so it's all metal) As a result, it ended up in the grass a couple times and it got vegetation stuck in it. I didn't get it all out. Secondly, the white got too "dirty" looking. I wiped the large flat areas clean of the Quickshade using a bit of toilet paper. Unfortunately as it snagged on pointy bits and as the Quickshade varnish settled and got tacky, I ended up with a lot of fuzz being deposited onto the mini. Looks like crap up close, but from a distance both issues aren't that noticeable. This mini is fully matted and based.

Here's a few other Menoth minis. From left to right: Revenger, Knight Exemplar, and a Crusader. They have been primed and I have blocked out in gray the areas that will be painted white. I cover them in gray, essentially "priming" them a second time, so the white goes on better and doesn't require 5 coats to not look splotchy. So these will get some attention next. The big area blocked to be white on the front of the Revenger, most people freehand a Menofix (the symbol seen in the Repenter above and on the Crusader's shoulders) onto the area. But what I want to try to do is make it look like the area is covered in scripture. Not sure how I am goign to go about that yet, but I think it would look cool and would be thematic with origins of the army.

May 7, 2013

First Mini & Quickshade Test

So I finally got my first new mini under my belt. All in all, the techniques came back pretty easily, so I guess it's like riding a bike. You never forget. Truth be told, my hand wasn't as steady, but that will come back with practice. I had a lot of little touch-ups here and there I had to do.

On top of being my first mini painted in over a decade, I decided to use it as an experiment for a product called Quickshade made by The Army Painter. The company was started by a couple ex-'Eavy Metal team members (Games Workshop's pro painters), so I was interested in the purported ease of building entire regiments of minis. Their instructions are to just basecoat the mini (no drybrushing or highlighting) then you dip the mini into the can of Quickshade -- which is a pigmented varnish -- then shake the excess off and let it dry. Sounded too good to be true, so I decided to drop $30 on a can and try it out.

So here's my progression:

1. Here's the mini I worked on just base coated.
It's a Reaper mini, but I don't remember which one.  
 2. Here it is dipped in the Quickshade and dried.
 3. Back view after being dipped and drying.
4. And lastly, matte sprayed and based. (I also took
some black paint to the edges of the base)

I think it turned out well with the Quickshade. I was actually quite impressed with it. I definitely will be using it when I start to make legions of Dark Elves and Skaven for Warhammer. They offer the Quickshades as inks in their paint line as well. I will have to try that with another mini to see how that works.

April 25, 2013

First Minis In Over a Decade

Primed my first minis recently. It's a handful of Reaper minis and Hordes mini I originally bought to use as a D&D mini. I decided to start with these to get back into painting and get comfortable again before tackling my various armies.

Citadel Paint Hex Codes

In using the Palettes app, I needed hex codes to put the Citadel paint range into it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the hex codes for the new paint range. So I got them myself. I used the Palettes app's picture function to do it. I downloaded the images of the paint off the GW website and sampled the pixels of the color splash on the image. As a result, it may not be perfect, but it's close enough to be able to use them if you need to find an approximate match. They're broken into their various ranges (base, layer, dry, etc) but don't include metals, glazes or shades.

Name Color Hex
Ceramite White FFFFFF
Averland Sunset FCB825
Jokaero Orange EE3823
Mephiston Red 991115
Khorne Red 6A0002
Naggaroth Night 3E3355
Daemonette Hide 696685
Kantor Blue 002051
Macragge Blue 0D407F
Caledor Sky 396F9E
Stegadon Scale Green 074864
Incubi Darkness 0B4849
Caliban Green 00401E
Waaagh! Flesh 20552B
Castellan Green 304921
Death World Forest 5D6732
Zandri Dust 9E915C
Steel Legion Drab 5F5134
Bugman's Glow 845045
Ratskin Flesh AE6B4E
Mournfang Brown 650A09
XV-88 72481E
Rhinox Hide 493335
Dryad Bark 34312C
Mechanicus Standard Grey 3D4B4E
Celestra Grey 90A8A8
Abaddon Black 231F20
Rakarth Flesh A29E92
The Fang 436276
Screamer Pink 7C1645

Name Color Hex
White Scar FFFFFF
Yriel Yellow FFDB01
Flash Gitz Yellow FEF200
Troll Slayer Orange F46C2E
Fire Dragon Bright F58651
Evil Suns Scarlet C21920
Wild Rider Red EB2E28
Wazdakka Red 8C0A0C
Squig Orange A94F44
Xereus Purple 471F5E
Genestealer Purple 7761AA
Warpfiend Grey 6C6A75
Slaanesh Grey 8E8C97
Alaitoc Blue 295788
Hoeth Blue 4C7FB4
Altdorf Guard Blue 1F56A8
Calgar Blue 4273B8
Teclis Blue 317FC1
Lothern Blue 33A2CF
Sotek Green 0C6A74
Temple Guard Blue 329B8D
Kabalite Green 028D66
Sybarite Green 30A66C
Warpstone Glow 1E7332
Moot Green 52B246
Warboss Green 3E7F5D
Skarsnik Green 5F936F
Loren Forest 51702D
Straken Green 628026
Nurgling Green 849B63
Elysian Green 758E3A
Ogryn Camo 9EA94B
Ushtabi Bone BCBC80
Screaming Skull D4D3A3
Tallarn Sand A67610
Karak Stone BB9662
Cadian Fleshtone C87958
Kislev Flesh D6A876
Bestigor Flesh D28B57
Ungor Flesh D7A767
Skrag Brown 904A0F
Deathclaw Brown B36853
Tau Light Ochre BF6E1D
Balor Brown 8B5910
Zamesi Desert DCA026
Doombull Brown 5D000A
Tuskgor Fur 883736
Gorthor Brown 654641
Baneblade Brown 927F6E
Dawnstone 70756E
Administratum Grey 949B94
Eshin Grey 4A4F53
Dark Reaper 3C5051
Thunderhawk Blue 417175
Skavenblight Dinge 48413B
Stormvermin Fur 736C66
Ulthuan Grey C7E0DA
Pallid Wych Flesh CDCEBE
Russ Grey 547588
Fenrisian Grey 709CB7
Pink Horror 91305D
Emporer's Children B94278

Name Color Hex
Praxeti White FFFFFF
Hexos Palesun FEF200
Kindleflame F69E86
Lucius Lilac B69FCB
Etherium Blue A1B9D1
Skink Blue 59C1CE
Hellion Green 83C3A9
Underhive Ash BFBD80
Eldar Flesh EDC184
Tyrant Skull CEC687
Terminatus Stone C7BBD3
Longbeard Grey DFDEC9
Chnageling Pink F4AFCE

Name Color Hex
Gauss Blaster Green 84C2A9
Baharroth Blue 59C1CE
Dorn Yellow FFF683
Fulgrim Pink F4AFCC
Flayed One Flesh CDC586
Krieg Khaki BFBD82
Blue Horror A2BAD2
Lugganath Orange F89E86

April 22, 2013

Blood and Power Weapons

Found a couple links with worthwhile tutorials on doing blood and power weapons. In the blood tutorial, they use a glue called UHU to make the blood thick. I did some digging and found it on Amazon. I definitly think there's some things I could use these techniques on.

April 21, 2013

Handy App: Pallettes

So I found this nice little iPad app called Palettes. I'm always afraid of forgetting what colors I am using in a paint scheme for an army, so this lets me create color palettes to remember them. It has other handy features too like pulling all colors from a web address or importing a picture and choosing a color from a specific pixel. I input all the colors from the Citadel paint line into the app so i can then compare to find the closest color. I did this recently with a Tartan swatch (MacKenzie if you must know) since the Trollbloods wear Tartans. In a future post I will put down the hex codes for the Citadel colors.

The only thing the app is lacking is the ability to put a custom name to a color. The author of the app says that it's on his to do list for future updates, so I hope it comes soon.

What to start with...

I have so many minis right now, I am unsure what to start with. It's actually a little intimidating, after being "out of the game" for so long, to get back into painting minis. In the lead up to this new chapter in my tabletop life, I have amassed quite a few minis from different game systems. More Necrons to add to my 40K army from years ago, an army of Trollbloods from Hordes, minis from Malifaux, and not to mention the countless Reaper minis that I have sitting in bags that I never got around to doing anything with.

I'm thinking of starting with some Reaper minis just to get the hang of things before I tackle my armies which I want to look good on the table. After all, every gamer knows that a painted army performs better on the table!